Control/ signal cables

Cables are applied for fixed connection to electrical devices and clips of distributional mechanisms under the rated alternative voltage up till 660 V and frequency up till 100 Hz or under the direct voltage up till 1000 V.

Installs SIA proposes multistrand cables for transmission of information on the state, location, or operating conditions of objects being controlled; it is used where direct access to such objects is difficult or impossible. Control cables are widely used to connect electric instruments and apparatus, for secondary switching of remote-control starters and regulators, for protective relaying, and in automation.

In contrast to communications cables, control cables are capable of carrying current loads. Their strands consist of single copper or aluminum wires (four to 61 strands with a cross section of 1–10 sq mm; for cross sections from 4–10 sq mm the number of strands does not exceed ten). The insulation is made of rubber, polyethylene, or polyvinyl chloride, and the sheath is made of lead or plastic. The use of corrugated steel sheathing is promising. 

MCMO (NYCY) 450/750V PVCinsulated, copper wide screened, PVC sheathed control cable with circular, solid copper conductors, PVC outer sheath

PROFIBUS L2-PUR 250V fine stranded copper core, TPE insulation, cores+fillers stranded together and wrapped with textile tape, tinned copper braided screening and wrapped with textile tape, PUR sheath

Li2YCY-P(st) 250V stranded copper conductors, PE insulation, TP structure, tinned-copper braiding, PVC outer sheath, flame retardant

LiYY(p) 300V, LiYCY(p) 300V multi-wire conductor, softened PVC insulation, layers stranded into a central core, braid of copper zinc-coated screen

LiHH 300V bare copper wires, halogen free compound insulation, outer sheath made of special halogen-free compound, flame returdant

YstY(žo), YstYekwf(o)(žo) 300/500V steering cable, PVC insulation and softened PVC sheath, copper multi-wire, polyester foil covered with aluminium layer with earthing conductor under screen tape

YKSLY(žo), YKSLYekwf(žo) 0,6/1kV steering cable, copper multi-wire conductor, softened PVC insulation, common screen (ekwf) made of AL/PET tape, braid of copper zinc-coated wires screen

YKSY(žo), YKSYFty(žo), YKSYFtektmy(žo) 0,6/1kV signalling cable, softened PVC insulation, sheath, round copper conductor

YKSX(žo), YKSXFty(žo), YKSXSektmy(žo) 0,6/1kV signalling cable, cross-linked polyethylene and XLPE insulation, softened PVC sheath, steel tape armouring

NYY-J(O) 0,6/1kV copper conductor in softened PVC insulation, filling sheath on central core and softened PVC sheath, isolated conductor stranded into a central core

RD-Y(H)(St)Y 225V stranded sopper conductor, PVC insulation, aluminium-laminated plastic foil staticscreen with tinned drain wire, PVC outer sheath

H05(7)VVH6-F 450/750V flexible plain copper conductor, PVC insulation, PVC outer sheath

2YSLCY(H)-J 0,6/1kV stranded bare copper conductor, PE insulation, first screening with cpecial aluminium foil, second screening with tinned copper braiding, PVC self-extinguishing and flame-redardant

UV 2YSLCYK-J 0,6/1kV flexible copper conductor, PE compoundinsulation, stranding in layers, 1 aluminium tape+PETP foil screen, tinned copper braid, PVC compound outer sheath, UV resistant

2XSLCY(H)-J 0,6/1kV fine wires stranded of bare conductor, XLPE insulation, aluminium/pet tape shield, braid tinned copper shield, TM2 quality PVC outer sheath

SY, SDY, PSY 300/500V copper bare stranded, PVC insulation, PVC inner sheath, glavanized steel braid screen,PVC Type YM 2 outer sheath

CY-JZ, OZ-CY 350/500V oil-resistant PVC power and control cable, tinned copper wire braid

JZ-500, JZ-600 300/500V, 0,6/1kV bare copper, flexible control cable, halogen-free, extremely fire resistant, oil resistant

YlgY(p)(žo) 24V vehicle cables, copper wires, softened PVC insulation, softened PVC sheath, class 5

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