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Telecommunications cables are a type of guided transmission mediums. Cables are usually known to transmit electric energy (AC/DC); however, cables in telecommunications fields are used to transmit electromagnetic waves; they are called electromagnetic wave guides.

Telecommunications are based on transmitting modulated waves/signals through a medium and receiving them. When the distance between the transmitter and receiver is far, or an unguided medium transmission is used, antennas are used; otherwise, telecommunications cables are used in guided medium transmission for low frequency, subject to electromagnetic interference.

Coaxial cable is a type of cable that has an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer, surrounded by a tubular conducting shield. Many coaxial cables also have an insulating outer sheath or jacket.

TKSY, YTKSY(ekw) local copper single wire in common softened insulation, softened PVC (screen)

YnTSKY(ekw) single-wire copper conductors with softened, non-flammable PVC insulation, PVC and non-flammable sheath

YTDY(ekw), YTLY(ekw) single wire copper conductors, softened PVC insulationnas softened PVC sheath and common screen on central core

TDY, TDX copper single wire, with PVC softened insulation, polyethylene insulation

RG6/058/59/59B/U coaxial copper single wire conductor, foam PE, uniform polyethylene insulation, outer conductor in form of polyester tape tube covered with aluminium and zinc-coated copper wire braid, softened PVC sheath

YWDXpek 1,5/5,0 inner copper single wire conductor, foam polyethylene insulation, outer conductor in form of polyester tube or one or both-side covered with aluminium zinc-coated copper copper wire braid in softened PVC sheath

(X)(Y)Wdek 75 0,59/4,8 inner copper single wire conductor, foam, uniform polyethylene insulation, outer conductor in form of AL/PET tape and zinc-coated copper wire braid in softened PVC sheath

TLYp, TlgYP telecom double core conductors, common polyvinyle insulation, flexible, flat

(X)(Y)WL 75 0,63/3,7 snagless patch cable, CAT 6 standard, yellow, RJ

(X)(Y)AS (p) (o) (n) 75 combining power and RG59 cable

PARDATA UTP, (S)FTP, (S)STP kat.5, 5e 200MHz, 4-Pair, unshielded, riser-CMR, premise horizontal cable, 24 AWG solid bare copper conductors, polyolefin insulation, PVC jacket

A-2Y(F)(L)2Y solid bare copper conductors, PE insulation, paper tape wrapping, laminated sheath with aluminium-coated plastic tape, UV-resistant and laterally watertight

J-Y(St)Y solid bare conductor, PVC insulation, pairs twisted, foil wrapping over cable core, static screen made of aluminium-laminated plastic with copper drain wire, PVC outer sheath

Li2YCY-(TP) 250V stranded copper conductors, PE insulation, TP structure, tinned-copper braiding, PVC outer sheath, flame retardant


optical fibres, plastic core tube with jelly filling, wrapped longitudinally with a swellable tape, polymer coated corrugated steel tape, cable sheath consists of UV resistant black PE

FZOHBMUK-SD W1.57, FZOHBMUK-SD W2.12, FZOMVDMU-SD loose tube fibre optical cable and intended for aerial systems, self supporting cable, longitudinal waterblocked through the use of swellable tape, polyethylene coated aluminium tape is used for rodent protection, outer sheath of halogen-free black polyethylene


60V pair twisted, screened,PVC sheathed cable, single wired, tinned annealed copper conductors, PE insulation, aluminium-polyester tape+tinned copper drain wire, PVC outer sheath

VMOHBU 100V pair-twisted, petroleum-jelly filled, screened and PE-sheathed single wired cable, bare annealed copper, foam-skin polyethylene insulation, longitudinal aluminium tape + copper wire screen, PE LLD sheath, halogeen free


75V PVC-insulated,PVC-sheathed signalling cable, single wired conductor, tinned annealed copper, aluminium-polyester tape+tinned copper drain wire screen

J-H(ST)H bare annealed copper conductor, PE insulation, single wired conductor, aluminium-polyester tape+tinned copper drain wired screen, HFFR (polyolefin) outer sheath, halogen free, flame retardant busbar cable,

KTV 0.83-15.8 inner conductor of copper clad steel, foamed PE insulation, dielectric of gas expanded PE, outer conductor of aluminium foil + braid of aluminium wires, PE outer sheath

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