Cable installation accessories

Cable accessories are intended for provision of connections and cable installation of corresponding quality. This chapter contains detailed information on cable connections.

In this section you will find cable sleeves (couplings), lugs, cable entries, lugs, tighteners and various cable fastenings, cable flex pipes designed for installation of various size cables, exploitation thereof in various temperature conditions, cable channels, plastic pipes, protective and warning tapes.

Our company offers not only the most demanded cable products, but also assistance during selection of equipment for installation in order to provide additional insulation, connections (joints) and appropriate arrangement of cable and semiconductor production.

Al, Cu cable lugs, T, T-L, KU-V, TBE, ALU-F (cross-section: from 120 to 400 mm²), pressable Al, Cu cable joint shells M

Cable end sleeve, APF, APF/L, APF/D, non-insulated PF, with ring binder joint AT, with fork joint AU, cable and sleeve with flat joint AFH/A, cable and sleeve with flat joint AFM, cable and sleeve with flat joint AFH/M, cable and sleeve with pin joint ACH, cable and sleeve with pin joint ACM, cable and sleeve with needle joint AP, cable connection cable and sleeve AML.

Cable connection sleeves, 0,6/1kV 1.5-300mm², T,Y-shape cable sealings

Heat-shrink tubing, (thin-walled, no glue), 1.5-300mm²

Cable end sleeves, (with glue) SKH

Cable gloves, for 3-,4- and 5-strand cables (with glue) SEH3

Plastic cable entries, with M-thread, plastic, polyamide, IP68, 3.5-48 mm

Plastic cable entries, with PG-thread, plastic, polyamide, IP68, 2.5-44 mm

Cable entry plate, IP54, FZ402, 11.5-50 mm

Cable tighteners, white/black, plastic, PA polyamide, 90-780mm, screwable foundation for the cable tighteners, glueable foundation for the cable tighteners, anchor sleeve for the cable tighteners, plastic, for cables up to 9 mm

Cable clamps, white/black, plastic, 3-26 mm

Row of connection terminals, 12 points, 400V, 2.5- 25 mm²

Wire connection clips Wago, 400V, 0.5-2.5 mm²

Cable channel, 2m, PVC, white/wood, 11-180x10-60mm, inner/outer corner, cable outlet

Perforated cable terminal channels, 2m, with cover, 25x100mm

Corrugated pipes, 320N, PVC-U, -5+60 °C, grey, 16-50 mm, with and without wires

Corrugated pipes, 750N, PVC-U, -25+60 °C, grey/black, 16-50mm, UV resistant

Corrugated pipes, 320N-1250N, PVC-U, -25+105°C, grey, 16-50mm, halogen-free

Corrugated straight double-wall pipes, 450N-750N-1250N, PEHD plastic, smooth inside, -25+105°C, red, 40-160mm, 6 m long or 450N 25-50 m rolls

Corrugated pipes, 10-50 mm, black, PVC, on wires

Smooth pipes, 320N-450N, PVC-U, grey, -25+60°C, 3 m, 16-63 mm, pipe clamps, bends, joints 

Warning tape, red-white or yellow-black, 80 mm, 250 and 500 mm rolls, labelled “Attention! Cable!” (40, 80 mm)

Protective tape, red, PVC, 125 mm, 50 m

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