We offer busbars made of aluminium and copper for electricity transmission in switchboards, substations and other electric equipment. Busbars may be fastened with insulators and mutually connected with nuts, loops or by welding. Assortment includes also flexible busbars.

“Installs” offers various DIN supports. They are being used for fastening of modular devices (fastening of automatic breakers, automatic machines of losses and other equipment).

Insulated flexible copper bus bars, length 2 m, thickness 2 mm, 50-120 mm²

Flat tinned copper earthing braids, 55-370A, 6-100 mm², max. temperature 80°C

Insulated tape in tinned copper, flat, 120-250A, 16-50 mm², max temperature 80°C

DIN-rails, passively galvanized steel, 2-3 m, symmetrical, hard, with holes, 15-35/5-15 mm

DIN- rails, electrolytically galvanized steel, 2-3 m, symmetrical, hard, 35/7-15 mm

Flat and 45° bracket, passively galvanized steel, 35x10 mm

Copper busbars, flat or round edges, 20-100x4-10, length 4000 mm

Low voltage insulators, polyamide, strengthened with glass fibre, 1000VAC, temperature -40+130°C

Aluminium pipes, 6063 T6, 40/35-250/228, length up to 28 m, 285-8259 mm², 785-6930A at 80°C, weight 0.80-22.30 kg/m

Copper pipes, 20/16-100/90, 113-1492 mm², 324-2640 A at 20°C

Flat tinned copper earthing braids.

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