Cable marking

SIA (LLC) “Installs” offers the customers a marking system: letter – digit (rarer - symbol) designations allowing to specify cable parameters, scope of use and other information allowing use of the particular cable corresponding to the intended use.

Marking is being provided on the packing of cable production (boxes, rolls etc.), as well as on the insulation of the cable itself in order to facilitate recognition of the cable on the site. Offer includes also a printer providing printing option of the marking.

Clip marking cards, RC 5-10 mm, polyamide, for 10 – 16 mm², 0.5 – 1.5 mm² / 1.5-2.5 mm² wires, Legrand

Cable markers, plastic, 1-10 mm, threadable on the wire, width 3.5-11 mm

Cable markers, plastic, 2.4-5 mm, clipable on the wire, width 3.7-5.7 mm

Cable markers, plastic, 4 mm, threadable on PKH or POH holder, width 10 mm, empty

Holders of cable markers, 60-82 mm, width 9.5 mm

Marker printer, width 6.9-12 mm

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