Cable transmission systems

Iron cable routes and ladder are being made of galvanized or hot- galvanized steel and designed for esthetic installation of cable route both indoors and outdoors, as well as for the fixation of electrotechnics and telecommunication devices: sockets, switches and other equipment.

Iron cable routes are being painted in corresponding colour in order to make them esthetically more enjoyable and so the cable routes would fit in the common interior, as well as in order to provide additional anti-corrosion coating. Hot-galvanization is being offered.

We offer metal cable channels as one-piece profiles or perforated profiles providing lower weight for the product. Various fixation elements are also being provided.

Threaded roads, DIN 975, nuts, plates, steel

Cable grooves perforated/non-perforated, steel, width 75-600 mm, connecting plates, flexible joints, connectors, covers, T-shape transitions, 90° bends, adjustable bends, wall brackets, wall/wall-ceiling fastenings, suspension brackets, ceiling suspension brackets, clamps, foundation of fastening, luminary fastenings

Assembly profile rail, steel, 41x21mm

Cable ladder, steel, 150-600 mm, material thickness 0.75-1 mm, length 3-6 mm, horizontal angles, T-shape joints, X-shape joints, vertical angles, joints, flexible joints, wall support brackets, fastening clamps, cable fixation clamps, plates, protective covers

Traverses, steel, 180-740 mm, support profile

Ceiling supports, steel, 270-3015 mm

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