Installation boxes

SIA (LLC) “Installs” offers the customers mounting boxes for both the open and closed assembly. They are intended for branching of cables and wires, as well as covering up and protection of the commutation points. Open assembly type boxes are used also as part of the electric sewage consisting of hard and corrugated pipes.

Boxes of several types (protection class IP44. IP55, IP65) may be used in outdoor conditions, as well as in moist and dusty premises. These boxes are made of polystyrene and may be used in conditions, when the air temperature is between–25 and +40°С. Boxes with cable entries, additional entries and connectors providing more convenient cable connection are also offered.

Surface-type branch box, IP44, IP54, IP55, IP65, IP68 plastic, with and without clips, glands, sealing membrane

Flush box, connectable, plastic 60-100mm, covers

Gypsum wallboard boxes, 1,2,3,4,5-outlets, covers, plastic

Gypsum wallboard branch boxes, covers, round, square, plastic

Floor boxes, IP66, connection elements, stainless steel

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