Insulation materials

You will find in our assortment also electric insulation materials – dielectric used for electric insulation. In fact electric insulation materials are intended for prevention of direct current and alternate current leakages.

Electric insulation materials are being used in electrotechnical, radiotechnical and electric equipment. Electric insulation materials are characterized with high resistance, high disruption voltage, low tangent of dielectric losses and low dielectric transmissivity. Stability of all the abovementioned parameters in time and inertness thereof to the temperature fluctuations are important, as well as – in separate cases – to the impact of electric field.

PVC insulation tape, 19-58 mm, application temperature: 0 +90 °C

PVC anti-corrosion insulation tape, 25 mm, 51 mm, PVC, black, application temperature: -12 +80 °C

Self-adhesive EPR insulation tape, 19 mm, black, application temperature: 0 +130 °C

Fabric insulation tape, 15 mm, fabric texture, thermo-insulated up to 30 °C

Adhesive tape, PVC, transparent

Cotton fabric tape, 50-630 mm, black

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