Lightning protection and earthing

We offer lightning protection - complex technical solution and specific devices to provide security of buildings, as well as the humans and property inside the building. Lightning protection divides into external and internal one.

Earthing device consists of earth electrode and earthing conductor connecting the section to be earthed with the earth electrode. Earthing switch can be a simple metal rod or complex entirety of elements in a special way. Earth electrode can be an ordinary metal rod or complicated special shape entirety of elements.

Earthing is the most efficient only if combined with the device providing protective disconnection. We offer all that is necessary for compilation the most efficient solution.

Active receivers PDC, 35-113 mm, stainless steel and air disruption equipment for protection against the lighting discharge

Steel mast, mast diameter: Ø 48 mm, 3 m, 6 m, fastening set and finishing

Earthing mast, 4 m, 6 m with steel foundation and weights, stainless steel, with aluminium interception tip, stainless steel foundation, concrete weights with M16 thread

Lightning protection rod for flat roofs, 16 mm, aluminium, length 1-5 m, concrete foundations of the protection rod, plates

Rod holder for lightning protection, Ø16 mm h=23 mm, galvanized steel

Lightning protection rod and wire connector, Ø 16 mm / Ø 8-10 mm, galvanized steel

Protection rod and wire U-shape connector, Ø 16 mm / Ø 8-10 mm, galvanized steel

Universal wire multi-connector, Ø8-10 mm, galvanized steel

Rain discharge connector, Ø8-10 mm DUO, galvanized steel

Connection clamp, for 1-8 mm metal constructions, Ø8-10 mm, galvanized steel

Wire end screwing clamp, Ø8 mm, galvanized steel

Round wire, aluminium/steel/copper/bi-metallic 8-10 mm, in PVC sheath

Interception tip, Ø8 mm at the end of the wire, aluminium

Wire joint connector, Ø8-10 mm, galvanized steel

Wire rectifying device, for 8-10 mm wire

Wire holder for metal roof, Ø8-10 mm, plastic

Wire holder, for Ø80-120 mm drainpipe, Ø8 mm, galvanized steel

Earthing rod, Ø20 mm, A-type, 1.5 m, galvanized steel

Interception tip for A-type earthing rod, Ø 20 mm, galvanized steel

Impact head for earthing rod, Ø 20 mm, galvanized steel

Flat strips for lightning protection, steel, 3.5-4 mm

Holders of the flat strip for lightning protection, 40x4 (30x3.5) mm, galvanized steel

Cross connector, for 40x4 mm tapes, galvanized steel

Universal connection clamp of the earthing rod, 20 mm x 8-10 mm, 30x3.5/40x4 mm, galvanized steel

Equipotential bonding bar PVC, 1 x tape 30 x 5 mm or Ø 8-10 mm wire

Anti-corrosion tape, adhesive from both sides, 50 mm

Surge arrester P-BM, class, I(B), 4 pole type, 230V, DIN rail, 4kV protection level

Surge arresters, P-HMS 280, class I+II(B+C), 4 pole type, 230V, DIN rail, 1.5kV protection level

Surge arresters, P-VMS 280, class II(C), 4 pole type, 230V, DIN rail, 1.5kV protection level

Surge arrester, P-DA 230, class III(D), 2 pole type, 230V, DIN rail, 1.1kV protection level

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