Overhead line accessories

Our assortment includes also band-shaped fittings – machine providing one or several functions: hanging and fastening of wires, lightning protection steel cables and fastening of overhead power transmission lines. Advantages of these fittings include pre-determinable mechanical resistance, good bending properties, high corrosion-resistance, as well as good conductivity, if necessary.

Depending on use the fittings are being divided in various types: connecting fittings, supporting fittings, tightening and connecting fittings. Offer includes also protective, contact fittings, spiral fittings and overhead line fittings.


Screwable Al cable lugs SAL, bi-metal Al/Cu screwable cable lugs SAL, shells SLJ, cable side clips APB, insulated clips AK, 6-300 mm², tension joints are used for connection of 1kV cable strands. Screws with detachable heads are used in these shells therefore pressing tools are not necessary.

Anchor clamp CIL7195, for AAC 2.54–15.24, ACSR 5.08-15.24, AAAC 5.08-15.24 mm wire

Suspension clamp for non-insulated AAAC load-bearing strand, 6-18.5 mm, M10, 16 mm suspension bolt, cable load-bearing element: 16-95 mm²

Suspension clamp for bare wires with assembly roll, for Al/Fe 25-131, AAAC 35-201 mm² wire, 20Nm power

Anchor clamp for bare wires and PAS strand, for AAAC 25 - 150, PAS 35-150, ACSR 25 - 99 mm² wire, Al/Fe 25 - 99, PAS/BLL 35 - 150 mm², strand diameter 6-15 mm, 55Nm power

Suspension clamp for insulated wires with assembly roll, for PAS/BLL 50-157 mm² wire, strand diameter 12.7-22.3 mm, 40Nm power

Water-proof anchor clamp for insulated wires, for PAS/BLL 50-70 mm² wire, strand diameter 12.7-22.3 mm, 40Nm

Insulation piercing branch terminal, Al 10-157 mm² / Cu 1.5-70 mm² strand, Al 10-95 mm² / Cu 1.5-157 mm² branch wire, 1.5-16.0 mm, 20/40Nm power

Water-proof, insulation piercing branch terminal, Al/Cu 10-150 mm² strand, Al/Cu 1.5-95 mm² branch wire, strand diameter 6.1-18.5 / 2.2-18.0 mm

Parallel branch terminal with grooves, strand Al 6-240 mm² / Cu 16-70 mm², Al 6-240 mm² / Cu 1.5-95 mm² branch wire, strand diameter 1.35-20.0 mm, 20/22/26/40Nm power, M8 bolt

End clip AAAC for the fastening of wire ends by the pole, for AAAC 16-50 mm² cable, 4.4-8.3 mm suspension steel cable, 20Nm power

Clip insulation sheaths, insulation sheath is made of atmosphere- and UV ray resistant plastic

Copper busbar, 150-250 mm², 400-600A, diameter 14-22mm

Busbar clips Al, 16-240 mm², maximum thickness of busbar 7,5-10 mm, M8-10 bolt

Parallel earthing branch terminal with grooves, strand Fe / Al 16-120 mm², branch wire Cu 6-35 mm², strand diameter 4.5-14.0 / 2.8-7.5 mm, 20Nm power

Earthing connection set, strand 16-120 mm², Cu 6-35 mm² branch wire, 2xM6 bolts, 20Nm

Earthing busbar, 50 mm², Cu 16–185 mm² / Al 16–240 mm²

Traverse arc discharge horn, hot-galvanized steel, with bolt and nut

Surge limiter with insulation piercing clip, 280-660V, 5kA, strand 10-150 mm², strand diameter 6.8-18.5 mm,

Traverse for the insulated wire lines, d = M20, A: 400-1250 mm, Max. H: 96-460 mm

Glass insulator line 24kV, 2 plates, disruption distance: 380 mm, length: 345 mm, subversive load: 40 kN, highest allowed load: 16 kN

Composite suspension insulator 12-24kV, disruption distance: 391 mm, RTL: 35kN

Support fuse switch disconnector, 415/500V, 1P un 3P, 160-400A, strand size Al 2x(16-240) mm², 00/1/2 fuses

Branching connector set, for 4 x (Al 10-50 / Cu 1.5-35) mm² wire

Suspension hooks through support, with two gaskets / with front gasket/ pigtail shape/ with outer angles / with loop, diameter 12-20 mm, length 200-320 mm

Fastening for the cable assembly by the wall, 30° angle, 16-120 mm² wires, diameter 12-44 mm

Distance buckle, 45 mm strand, cable diameter 45-100 mm, 25-50 mm distance from the surface

Steel cable Fe 25/7x2.12, steel, 250m/roll, 25 mm², 6 mm diameter, fibre diameter 2.12mm

Stay wire steel cable anchor clamp, stay wire steel cable pre-tensioner clamp, stay wire fixing plate, stay wire foundation, stay wire rods with loop, 25 mm² stay wire, length: 300 mm

Claws for tension of wires/suspension cables, 35-50 mm², 4x70-95 mm²

Winches, 500-1500 kg, lifting height, 3-4 m

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