Power connections

Power connections are designed for both open and closed cable infrastructure. Offer includes products with various protection degree; up to IP67. Depending on the type they are equipped with 2 to 5 outlets, where live contacts (connections) are available.

Sockets designed for special functions can be equipped with larger number of contacts. Offer includes connections both for Office needs and 3 phases, products of various protection degree are available. Power – up to 160 A. Blocks allowing compilation of the necessary number of single-phase and three-phase connections are also on offer.


Power plugs, wire, plastic, IP44, 400V, 3-5 poles, 16-32A

Power plugs, wire, plastic, IP67, 400V, 5 poles, 63-125A

Power plugs, surface-type, plastic, IP44, 400V, 5 poles, 16-32A

Power sockets, wire, plastic, IP44-67, 400V, 3-5 poles, 16-125A

Power sockets, surface-type, plastic, IP44-67, 400V, 4-5 poles, 16-125A

Combined surface-type power sockets, plastic, IP44, 400V

Built-in panel socket, plastic, IP44-67, 230-400V, 2-5 poles, 16A

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