Lighting components

Wide range of products: throttles, ballasts, starters and various fastenings.

Poles for park lighting, sealing ring, foundation P0.8, cylindrical, steel, galvanized, 3-6 m

Poles for street lighting, sealing ring, foundation P0.8, conical, steel, galvanized, 6-12 m

Cantilevers, L-shaped, T- shaped and I- shaped, steel, galvanized, 60 mm, 1.5-2 m

Park pole foundation, P-0.8, height of the pole up to 6 m, height 700 mm

Lighting pole foundation, P-1, P-1.3, P-2, P-4, height of the pole 6-8-10-12 m, height 950 mm, 1300 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm

Rubber gaskets for poles, 4-10 m for pole and rubber gasket for 3-6 m park pole

Terminal set, wire H07V-K16 mm2 0,35 m earthing wire, connection up to 35.0 mm²

Motion sensors, 230V, v/a un z/a, for distance up to 20 m, plastic, IP20 and IP55, 0-360° angle, 2000W, white and black, various types

Twilight switches, 250V, v/a and z/a, 1-100lx, 2300W, plastic, white and black, IP55

Emergency lighting battery modules, for luminaries with EVG type ballast, 6-58W, battery duration 1h and 3h, IP20

Ballast for searchlights, up to 1000W, 10.3A, electromagnetic for KVG ballast Electronic ballasts, 220-240V, 1-4x18-70W

Starters for fluorescent bulbs, 4-80W

Condensers, 250V, 9-35 μF

Ballast for gas-discharge bulbs, 70-1500W, electromagnetic (KVG) ballast

Cap bulb holder, 230V, E27 and Gu10, plastic and porcelain

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