Industrial lighting

Searchlights of all types, masts, poles, lanterns and lighting globes. Specific luminaries for indoor use in special conditions, specific industry needs, including ships, underwater lighting. Special lighting for refrigeration equipment.

Hermetic luminaries, v/a, daylight, G5 and G13 bulbs, 1-2x14-58W, electronic ballast, 220-240V, plastic, IP65

Plafonds, E27 and G23, incandescent bulb, 9-100W, plastic, prismatic and opal, 220-240V, white, grey and black, IP44, IP54 and IP65

High Bay type luminaries, fluorescent and natrium bulb, up to 400W, electromagnetic ballast, aluminium, grey, with protective cover, IP65 Searchlights, R7s bulb, aluminium, black and white, 150-500W, 220-240V, IP54, with and without motion sensor

Searchlights, metal halide or natrium bulb, black and grey, 70-2000W, 220-240V, IP65, asymmetric and symmetric reflector

Searchlights, G24q-3/GX24q-3 bulb, 26/32/42W, electronic ballast or VVG or KVG, aluminium, grey, transparent, 220-240V, IP66, asymmetric and symmetric reflector

Searchlight with stand, halogen bulb, 150-400W, 220-240V, black, IP54

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