Natrium, metal halide, incandescent bulbs, bulbs for special conditions, halogen and fluorescent bulbs. Offer includes products of all powers.

LED bulbs, E14 un E27, 230V, 6-13.5W (analogue of up to 75W), 2700K, transparent and frosted, dimmable

LED bulbs, GU5.3 and GU10, 230V, 4.6-7W (analogue of up to 75W), 2700K, transparent and frosted, dimmable

LED bulbs, T8, 9-22W, 40000 h, 830, 840, 865 spectrum

Halogen bulbs, 230V, E14 and E27, 2700-2800K, 2000h, 20-116W, with and without reflector

Halogen bulbs, 230V, GU10, 2700-2800K, 20-50W

Halogen bulbs, 12V, GU5.3 un G53, 2800-3100K, 20-100W, angle up to 60°, with reflector

Halogen bulbs, 230V, G4 and G9 and GY6.35, 2700-3000K, 5-90W

Searchlight bulbs, 230V, R7s, 750-44000lm, 2000h, 50-2000W

Energy-efficient bulbs, E14 and E27, 230V, 11-23W (analogue of up to 125W), 6000h, 550-1600lm

Compact fluorescent bulbs, G24d/q-1-2-3 (2-4pin) and G23 and 2G11, with VVG ballast, 5-80W, 6000h, 2700-8000K, 827, 830, 835, 840, 865 spectrum

Fluorescent bulbs, T5 and T8, 10-80W, up to 45000h, 1300-3650lm, 827, 830, 835, 840, 865, 880 spectrum and various colours, available for food, plants

Metal halide bulbs, 230V, G8.5 and G12 and RX7s, 35-150W, up to 15000h, 1700-15000lm

Metal halide bulbs, E27 and E40, 50-1000W, up to 15000h, 5350-100000lm, quartz and ceramics

Natrium bulbs, E27 and E40 or RX7s, 50-2000W, up to 32000h, 4000-90000lm

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