LED products

Wide offer of LED bulbs both for the needs of industrial customers and offices, as well as the needs related to street lighting. Various spectrum of light.

LED module 2-3x3528, 2-3x5050 SMD, 12VDC, 0.24-0.72W/pc, cold white, warm white, green, blue, yellow, red, moisture-resistant, RGB, IP20 and IP67

Horizontally flexible LED, ruler 3528, 5050 SMD, 12VDC, 30-120 diodes/m, 2.4-14.4W/m, cold white, warm white, white, green, blue, yellow, red, RGB, IP20 and IP67

Moisture-resistant vertically flexible LED, ruler DIP, 12VDC, 60-100 diodes/m, 4.8-8W/m, cold white, warm white, green, blue, yellow, red, IP67

LED and RGB dimmer, 1-3 channels x 4-8A, 12VDC, 96-144W

Signal amplifier, 3 channels x 4A, 12VDC, 144W

LED controller, 3 channels x 4A, 12VDC, 144W

Transformer, 230VAC/12VDC, 1.2-12.5A, 14.4-150W, IP20 and IP67

LED luminaries, in the suspended ceiling, 10-84W, aluminium and steel, white and silver, IP20, 220-240V

LED luminaries, v/a, steel, white, 1-4x11-126W, opal plastic, IP40

Hermetic LED luminaries, v/a, plastic and aluminium, 13-112W, 220-240V, grey, IP65

LED local luminaries, z/a, 220-240V, 11-18W, aluminium and steel, round, opal, white, IP20 and IP40

LED plafonds, plastic, 9-12W, white, 220-240V,IP44

LED emergency lighting, surface-type or flush assembly, 1.2W, plastic or aluminium, white, individual battery, battery duration 1h, 220-240V, IP42, on during emergency or all the time

LED searchlights, 12-120W, electronic ballast, aluminium, grey, transparent, 220-240V, IP66, asymmetric and symmetric reflector

Street luminaries per pole, Top/lateral input assembly, up to 135W, plastic, aluminium, transparent, 220-240V, IP65

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