Modular automatics

Modular automatics designed for switchboards functions as protector of network, equipment and users. Wide range of offer with opportunity to find a product for any solution. Adjustment to specification of any particular project is possible. Quality and certified equipment only.

Circuit breakers, 1-2-3-poles, 230-400V, B C and D, 6kA, IP20, 1-100A, additional contacts

Residual current circuit breakers, 2-4-poles, 230-400V, type of residual current: A, AC, 6kA, IP20, 16-40A, 0.03-0.3 residual current

Combined circuit breakers with residual current protection, 2-4-poles, 230-400V, B C, 6kA, IP20, 10-25A, 0.03 residual current

Load disconnection main switches, 0.5-1-3-poles, NO, 250-400V, 16-125A, IP20

Group switches for distribution board, 0-I, I-0-II, number of contacts 1, 250V, IP20, 16-20A

Light indicators, maximum bulb power 0.3 W, 230 V, 1-pole, IP20, red, green, red/green

Modular contactors, 250V, 1-6-poles, IP20, 16-63A

DIN socket with earthing, 250V, 2.5-poles, IP20, with earthing SCHUKO, 16A

Phase busbars, insulated, 10 mm2, 16 mm2, 1-3-poles, 80A, pin and fork type, number of modules 12-57

Main switches, 230-400V, 1-3-poles, NO, IP20, 16-125A

Push buttons with pilot light and LED, 250V, 1-pole, 16A, IP20, light diode, green, red, white, yellow

Impulse relay, 1 module, 115/230V, 1NO, 16A

Motor starter combinations, AC, 400 V, IP20, surge current 0.63-32A, additional contactsautomatic motor protection switches, thermal-magnetic disconnection, 3 poles, IP20, 0.16-32A Nominal current, 0.1-32A surge current, additional contacts, connection busbar, phase busbars, empty enclosure for switchgear IP55

Automatic motor protection switches, momentary disconnection current: 560-1040 A, 30 - 80 A surge current range, disconnection type: Thermal magnetic, 40-8A nominal current, 3-poles, IP20

Mini contactors (including reversible ones), 240/400V, AC, NO, NC, 9-16A, additional contacts

Timer blocks, 0.1-30s time delay, NO, NC

Thermal relays, NC 1, NO1, class 10, 0.1-38A

Small-type relays, 2-4-number of contacts, IP40, 24-230V, relay foundations, sockets

Phase control relay, AC 220-440V, NO, 0.1s Min adjustable delay time prior to switching off, 0.3 ... 15 A current measurement range,

Time relays, delay upon switching on AC 24-240V, DC 24-48V, 0.05s-300 h time delay from/to, number of contacts 1

Time switch, 24h mechanic time, AC 240 V, NO, 15-120 min cycle, 16A current, IP20, 1-2-3 module, mechanical/digital

Time and twilight switch, digital, 230V, AC, NO, IP20, 2.5 modules, 16A, cycle time 1 min

Staircase time switch, 240V, AC, NO, IP20, 1 module, 16A, time delay 1-7 min, temporary + continuous light

Twilight switch, 230-250V, 2-2000lx, 16 A, maximum length 100 m, DIN rail, 2 modules, IP20-55, 60s time delay

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