Industrial equipment

High load equipment, equipment switches, protective Electronics for the industrial equipment, "soft" starters

Industrial automatic switches, short circuit nominal disconnection current at Icu 400 Vac: 36 kA, 3 pole, IP20, 160-250A, surge current 160-2500A

Industrial automatic switches, Compact NSX, short circuit nominal disconnection current Icu at 400 Vac: 25-50 kA, 3 pole, IP40, 100-630A, cable connection clips, additional contacts

Disconnectors, thermo-magnetic Compact NSX, 3-poles, thermo-magnetic (Thermo-magnetic electronic), (Thermo + Magnetic + Phase disappearance/unbalance) type, 63-250A

Load switches (packet-switches), 690 V, 3 poles, IP20, 16-160A

Load switches, selector switches with handle, 690 V, 3 poles, IP20-IP40, 16-400A

Contactors, 24-250V, AC/DC, number of contacts 3, NO, NC, 9-145A, additional contacts, connectors, mechanical and electric locking

Direct starter combination LE1D with thermo-relay, AC 230 V, IP65, 9-40A nominal current

Frequency transformers, 3-phase, 380- 480 V, 3 inputs, power frequency 500 Hz, 1,3-48,4A nominal current, standard control panel

Direct current power units, DC, AC, 90- 264V, IP20, DIN rails

Motor soft starters, up to 600V, AC 100-240V, 3,9-60A nominal current

End switches with short roll, 230V, NC,NO, 10A, plastic, cubical enclosure construction, plastic, IP65, with spring

Buttons, 24-240AC/DC, with lighting, no fixation, NO, NC, plastic, various colours, double, block contacts

Selectors button-type, with and without fixation, NO, plastic, various colours, block contacts

Emergency STOP buttons (mushroom), no fixation, NC, red, plastic, disconnector, block contacts

Signal fittings, 24-240AC/DC, with lighting, plastic, various colours, block contacts

Indication LED signal lights, 24-240V, AC/DC plastic, IP66, light diode, various colours, indication bulb heads, push button head without cap, push button caps, lit push button heads, push button head "O/I", selector switch heads, emergency "STOP" button head, selector switch heads with key, emergency "STOP" button head, emergency "STOP" button head with key, push buttons

Packet-switch "1-0-2", 690V, 1-3 poles, 10-160A, IP20

Switch-in/switch-off buttons, 1-2 buttons, plastic, NO, NC, IP65, block contacts

Control device panels, 2-12 buttons, plastic, IP65

NH type fuses, NH00-1-2-3 (C), 500V, 16-400A, fuse dimension knives, foundations, block switches

Cylinder-shape fuses, 400V, 8x31/10x38/14x51/22x58 mm gG, 2-8A, fuse holders 1-3 poles

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