UPS, generators, batteries

Equipment for specifics of all industries, generators, compensating condenser batteries

UPS uninterruptible power supply sources, primary voltage range: 122-300V, Line-interactive/ Online double conversion, 500-10000VA, 240-2700W, 4-21min for 75% load

Generators, fuel - diesel, gasoline, gas.
Phases: 1f, 3f ( for gas - 3f only)
Type of movement: stationary, mobile (on wheels or trailer).

Type of installation: outdoor type generator with cover, indoor type (open type generator).
Additional options – larger fuel tank can be installed upon request, with or without ARI (automatic switch-on device) device.

These batteries are being used as spare power sources for alarm and security systems, as well as in the medical equipment. However, their basic use is related to the uninterruptible power supply devices. They are being used also as alternative power supply object for the systems producing electricity basically using renewable resources.

Following 2 types of lead batteries that can be used as alternative power sources are being divided:
1) Starter batteries – these devices are recognizable to everyone. They require maintenance and ventilation. High self-discharge is typical;

2) AGM general use batteries. These batteries are being used in medium priced UPS devices.
AGM - these hermetic non-maintenance batteries do not require ventilated room for installation. Medium priced AGM batteries function well as spare power object, i.e., they operate in charging mode. Batteries can serve 10 – 15 years in such mode. Whereas, upon exploitation in cyclic mode (batteries are constantly being charged and discharged by at least 30%) their lifetime reduces considerably.

Gel batteries are more resistible to cyclic charging and discharging mode. Batteries of this type are also more freeze-resistant.

The abovementioned batteries are also characterized with lower capacity losses caused by the temperature drop in comparison to other ones.

Use of these batteries in autonomous power systems is recommended, when cyclic mode (daily charging and discharging) is typical and provision of optimum working temperature is not possible. Gel batteries are a little more expensive than AGM batteries and significantly more expensive than starter batteries. In fact all gel batteries can be exploited installed also sidewards.

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