Metal structures for the construction of electricity supply substations

Fantastic cooperation with companies engaged in the construction and installation of electricity supply substations has been established thanks to the rest operations of SIA Installs (wholesale of cables and electrical materials) not just in Latvia, but also in Estonia, Finland etc. All these customers need to be provided with metal structures manufactured at a certified plant, which volume, depending on the size of the substation, attains more than 100 tons per one facility. Usually all such structures are heavy and in terms of dimensions often exceed 12 meters. In many projects welding is replaced with screwed connections and we offer to screw such structures and deliver to the customer’s site already assembled. Each project is highly individual and tailored to a particular situation, but thanks to experience of specialists of SIA Installs, the price calculations and offers are rendered within up to two working days. All metal structures for the needs of substations are delivered hot-galvanized with the minimum zinc coating of 95 microns.

Represented manufacturers

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