Panel building

Our company provides a service of cabinet assembly according to customers’ requirements. We have a company-partner which has got a various experience at installation of panels and cabinets of any degree of complexity. Automatics and circuit breaker panels’ brands can be either defined by a customer or can be recommended by our experts. It is possible to build up a panel according to a customer’s needs. We are able to assist in laying down of specifications and making a panel circuit diagram.

Credit conditions

In order to provide a credit limit, SIA "Installs" concludes an agreement of cooperation with customers. The terms of credit limit and the delay of payments depend on planned revenues, a customer's financial solvency and creditworthiness. Our KAMs can check up the current balance and customer’s assets and liabilities in some instances. In circumstances of constant payment delays the company reserves the right to reduce the customer's credit limit. We ask to provide the certificate of company registration and VAT before a contract conclusion.

Calculation of projects

We also implement calculations of projects for our customers according to their specifications. Projects are calculated in accordance with current prices from producers and a special price for the entire volume is provided. Price is valid until a certain specified period, so SIA "Installs" recommends their customers to take inflation rate into account, possible fluctuation of average copper (or aluminium) price and the exchange rate if a purchase of materials is planned after the date specified in proposals. If customers ask for a certain product brand, we provide either the necessary brand or its exact analogue.

Order delivery

SIA "Installs" is a partner of many logistics companies. Therefore we can quickly deliver orders for you. If it is a stock product and the order is placed before the 12PM, it is delivered the next day anywhere in Latvia. If the orders are not currently at stock, delivery time is negotiated separately. There is a free delivery for our consistent customers. We also deliver orders applying our own transportation.

Electrical installation works

Our company is able to execute electrical work for their customers. We select one of electric companies (out of our customers list) which are able to put in electrical works of any degree of complexity: industrial, commercial or residential projects. There are all necessary licenses for earthworks and Latvenergo permissions. SIA "Installs" will take on a responsibility of a project’s monitoring and supervision, as well as the delivery of electrical equipment onsite.

Horizontāli vadāms urbšanas process

Ar urbšanas iekārtu, kas aprīkota ar lokācijas sistēmu, no virsmas ar noteiktu trajektoriju taisa urbumu ar nelielu diametru. Pēc tam urbums tiek paplašināts līdz projektā noteiktam diametram un ievelk urbumā jau iepriekš sagatavotu cauruļvadu.

Iespējas izmantojamā tehnika ļauj ātri un bez tranšejām ierīkot cauruļvadus no: „Uponor” tipa; gludsienu polietilēna caurulēm; tērauda caurulēm; čuguna caurulēm.

Tehnoloģija ļauj ierīkot cauruļvadus: dziļumā līdz 15 metriem, nepieciešamības gadījumā līdz 25; garumā no 1m  līdz 500 tekošajiem metriem; no 25 līdz 700 mm diametrā; pašteces kanalizācijai ar minimālu noslieces leņķi 0,4% atkarībā no grunts.

Represented manufacturers

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